1. About us


Kien Thanh Tin Company Limited was founded since 2012. Though still in the young age of operation, but with people oriented business theory, kindness and extraordinary quality, we've made many achievements in network expanding, diversification of bearings and transmission belt product, meet various demands in many field application and continuously grow on revenue in the recent years. 5 stars product and service quality, optimal solution has affirmed our professionalism to the customers as well as international suppliers.

The brands of KYO bearings, Win Bearings, Yamatachi Belts, Taka Belts, Takapowe Belts are our intellectual property, with special research on consumer, weather and and operation in Vietnam. At the same time, we’re genuine supplier of some Japanese Bearings Brand such as Nachi, SKF and other European Standard brands in the future, to serve domestic and foreign industries such as: Automotive – Motorcycle, mechanical engineering , Agriculture, Forestry and fishery.

With a staff of experienced, knowledgeable product technicians, passionate, creative, constantly learning and full of enthusiasm, Kien Thanh Tin will definitely bring customers the most satisfaction and trust.

In cooperation, the motto OF TAKING PEOPLE AS THE ROOT has helped us understand our customers with dedication and professionalism, creating a system of more than 400 close relationships, together for Prosperity Development .

Most naturally, that humane value has brought Kien Thanh Tin a corporate culture that is associated with the Spirit of Solidarity, Love, Sharing, Enhancing each other, to make company a Second House, to grow up together.

  1. Vision - Mission:

Trusted Companion with Optimal Solutions to every Partner in the Drive Accessories industry.

  • Diverse types of products for agriculture, forestry and fishery
  • Development of Factory Channel Products for the Industry
  • Accompanying business development with partners.
  • Building and Enriching Business Knowledge
  • Consulting on Technical solutions for End-Users (Factories)
  1. Business Philosophy & Core Values

The view of Integrity as a Humanity foundation, consistency in actions and words, building trust in the organization

Business philosophy "Take people as the Root", the outstanding development is the orientation and implementation in the Kindness Organization has created a KTT with attraction to all related subjects such as Investors - Customers - Employee - Supplier.


  1. History of Establishment and Development


In 2012, with a few founding members who shared the same Aspiration to build a Trustworthy Companion and Optimal Solutions to every Partner in the Transmission Accessories industry, Kien Thanh Tin Co., Ltd. was born and soon launched the first product line, serving the most suitable for agriculture and fishing industry of Vietnam, which is the Taiwan standard WIN Bearings - popular nationwide today.


In 2014, after two years of responding well to the affordable segment, we continued to diversify the quality with Korean Standard Bearings, and the KYO brand was born.


So far, every year we are deploying new brands, meeting a variety of applications. In 2015-2016, Taka Belt - Taiwan standard and Yamatachi Belt - Japanese standard are two brands representing listening and understanding customers' needs of Kien Thanh Tin.

In 2017, we decided to strongly expand our operating system, warehousing, distribution channels, enhance international trade, constantly improve products, and hope to bring to Customers and Partners a great deal of confidence when working with us.

In the near future, we are going to launch a new product: Takapower Belt.

  1. Business culture

Make Organization the second house, in which each member is attached, learning from us to confidently affirms our professionalism with 5-star Product Quality, 5-star Service, the most optimal solution that we are delivering to our partners and customers, as well as international suppliers is an affirmation of KIEN THANH TIN's professionalism..


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