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Today, industrial activities are growing. Thousands of factories are being built every year, but the need for supporting materials is indispensable. Choosing quality industrial machines is a difficult task, so maintaining the quality of the machine is extremely important. Knowing that need, KIEN THANH TIN has always been at the forefront of finding and developing a high quality BELT, to ensure that the machine is operated as well as possible according to standards.

Speaking of BELT, we often envision the transmission pulling from one component to another, for that such a small belt to provide a great traction for an entire giant machine to operate effectively, it is not easy at all. Therefore, with 2 exclusive belts of the company, YAMATACHI AND TAKA, KIEN THANH TIN Company always set very strict standards from material selection as well as production to ensure the best quality. KIEN THANH TIN is always committed and responsible for the product...

Currently, KIEN THANH TIN is providing a very diverse range of belts such as smooth belt, tooth belt, FM belt with all the parameters A, B, C, D. Please contact to become our agent nationwide.