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Kien Thanh Tin Company Limited was founded since 2012. Though still in the young age of operation, with people oriented business theory, kindness and outstanding efficiency, we've made many achievements in network expanding, diversification of bearings and transmission belt product, meet various demands in many field applications and continuously grow on revenue in the recent years. 5 stars product and service quality, optimal solution has affirmed our professionalism to the customers as well as international suppliers. The brands of KYO bearings, Win Bearings, Yamatachi Belts, Taka Belts, Takapowe Belts are our intellectual property, with special research on consumer, weather and operation in Vietnam. At the same time, we’re genuine supplier of some Japanese Bearings Brand such as Nachi, SKF and other European Standard brands in the future, to serve domestic and foreign industries such as: Automotive – Motorcycle, mechanical engineering , Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery.
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 The belt is an important part of transmission, which is widely applied to most machinery equipment in various fields. Unreliable quality belts may significantly affect the production and cause damage to the machinery. YAMATACHI and TAKA with a variety of belts (Plain, Toothed, FM ..), full size (A, B, C, D) with quality meets international standards, exclusively distributed by KIEN THANH TIN in Vietnam will be a reliable product for all customers. View Deta...


Pillow Bearing

Pillow Bearing is an important part of machine operation; a well-supported pillow bearing product will save a lot of repair time and improve production efficiency. Understanding the issues of customers, KIEN THANH TIN always has quality bearing products with suitable prices for many segments and applications. KYO and WIN pillow bearing have been presented in over 400 agents nationwide, and continue seeking more agents with the desire for long-term and stable...


New products

The industrialization activities are taking place every day, increasingly modern machines, and replacement products are constantly growing. KIEN THANH TIN is a pioneer in product research and development. YAMTACHI D and C toothed belts are two new products that are fully upgraded, from production technology to high-class IPDM materials. YAMATACHI D AND C is confident that this is a step forward with customers who are constantly developing. View Details


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With many years of learning about equipment, KIEN THANH TIN Bearings & Belts will be a companion to develop with modern high-capacity agriculture of Vietnam.


KIEN THANH TIN will be the solid foundation ready to provide spare parts suitable for all applications in the Industry, this is our top mission.


KIEN THANH TIN Bearings & Belts are always ready with the fishermen on their trips to the sea. Providing peace of mind for fishing is the duty and responsibility of the company.

Mechanical Engineering

KIEN THANH TIN Bearings & Belts expect to bring our name, as well as Vietnamese machine building reputation to the world. Vietnamese machines must be assembled with Vietnamese brand parts.

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BELT and the parameters need to know

The belt is one of the actuators and is currently widely used in industry and life. There are many different types of belts: ladder wire, pinion wire, FM wire, round cable, flat plate. .. BELT AND THE NECESSARY PARAMETERS The belt is one of the actuators and is currently widely used in industry and life. There are many different types of belts: elevator belt, pinion belt, FM belt, round belt, flat belt.…